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Pinkston Property Investment Services (“PPIS”) serves as a conduit for investors to enter the vibrant Colorado real estate market. Colorado is a truly amazing place to live and play; it attracts the type of people necessary to power a knowledge based economy in the 21st century. As a result, Colorado has a very healthy real estate market and, based on sound economic fundamentals, the market should continue to have very healthy growth.

PPIS works with investors to identify the right property for long-term acquisition and assists them with all stages of the acquisition process. After property acquisition, PPIS works with various service providers to manage the property and, when the time comes, helps clients divest themselves of the property. PPIS has developed a network of service providers, loan providers, and tax advisors who can specifically help foreign investors enter the local market. Investing directly in real estate provides a number of benefits over investing in a real estate focused fund or REIT; e.g., easier opportunity to obtain financing as there is an underlying secured asset (leverage); complete and direct control over the asset; tax benefits; and lower management costs as there are fewer middlemen. In brief, PPIS provides a one-stop, trusted partner for investors to enter and profit from the Colorado real estate market.

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PPIS draws upon its principal’s – Jarred Pinkston – international business law, expatriate, and real estate investing experience to provide a reliable conduit for investors to enter, profit from and eventually exit the Colorado real estate market. Jarred is an American trained attorney who practiced law in Vienna, Austria for eight years. While in Vienna he actively invested in the Colorado real estate market. He returned to Colorado to raise a family and sees an opportunity to provide clients with the assistance and insight needed to help them also benefit from passively, but directly, investing in the Colorado real estate market.

Why Colorado?

A sustainable growth market with unlimited life potential.
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